Combining traditional street theatre with high impact, high energy street dance, ‘Taxi!’ takes us on a comic journey through the London’s urban hurly-burly, seen through the eyes of a cabbie and his motley collection of passengers.

Set in, around and on top of an iconic London taxi, this refreshing and entertaining piece of street theatre fuses elements of parkour, contemporary and hip-hop dance. The performers seamlessly switch personalities and costumes and present broad, comical characters, yet never falter in their delivery of the dynamic choreography. The cab itself is used in inventive and unusual ways and is the essential centrepiece of a show that delights audiences with its humour, charm and originality.


Artistic Director: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon
Dancers: 2010 Cast Tony Adigun, Sara Gordon, Odilia Egyiawan, Lex Milczarek, Calvin Francis, Jack Regan 2012/13 Cast Tony Adigun, Sara Gordon, Calvin Francis, Jack Regan, Georgia Curtis, Rhonda Humphrey, Hakim Saber
Producer: Remarkable Productions


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Commissioned by Remarkable Productions Taxi has toured across the UK in 2010/12/13

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