AG2 // Company G.O.T.F

Introducing AG2 // Company G.O.T.F

AG2 is a cohort of 19 young dancers meticulously selected by AvantGarde through a competitive audition process, who work with the company across the year to support their dance practice. It is designed to provide opportunities for young dancers to train and develop as performers, choreographers and understand the unique dance language of Avant Garde through the fusion of hip-hop, contemporary, and physical theatre. Where circumstances allow there will be opportunities for AG2 dancers to perform with and represent Avant Garde Dance Company.

AG2 provides a broad range of opportunities for young creatives with high aspirations. Our team facilitate, develop and refine each performing artist’s unique skillset, and prepare them for the professional industry and our full company, Avant Garde Dance Company. 

AG2 consists of hybrid dancers of all styles, who are eager to explore their vocabulary, expand their palette and challenge their bodies, ears and mind. Recognised as a world-leader in the fields of hip hop and contemporary dance, Avant Garde Dance Company is in a uniquely strong position to help shape and prepare the next generation of outstanding dancers, choreographers and artists.

This programme has been designed for a strictly limited number of participants, allowing us to maximise the impact felt by each participant, and open them up to what it is like working within a touring, artist-led dance organisation. Where possible and appropriate AG2 dancers will be signposted to paid performance and facilitation opportunities. 

We expect that from this body of work, performers will be selected to be part of Avant Garde Dance Company, deliver dance workshops on behalf of Avant Garde, or be empowered and supported to launch the creation of their own artistic works and practices.

Programme Overview

Bi-weekly sessions for AG2 members, led and delivered by Avant Garde’s professional company members as well as special masterclasses by prominent and internationally renowned professionals in their expert styles.

You will be given insight into Avant Garde’s methodology for composition and performance, as well as signposted to paid performances and other opportunities within professional dance companies, networks and showcases.

AG2 celebrates finding your individualism; focusing on integrity, musicality, virtuosity and character. .


Sessions usually take place at Vatican Studios in Bethnal Green (190 Bancroft Road, London E1 4ET).


The programme runs from September – June. It is anticipated that auditions for the year will be held in August.


Applicants must be over 18 years of age and there is no upper age limit to participate. AG2 is designed for school leavers, postgraduate students and experienced performers who want to continue their professional development. You must be eligible to study and work in the UK. 

Applicants from outside the UK may require a visa or settled status to be part of AG2 and it is the responsibility of the applicant to find this out. Full information can be found on the Government website: Click here for more information

MEET AG2 // Company G.O.T.F

Meet The Faculty



Emma pulls choreography from an elemental place: often water-like and experimental. Regardless of the style and concept, Emma often plays with the vision of a broken doll, chic yet vulnerable, ethereal yet grounded.

She also works to refine and progress the use of floor work in the company, particularly with musicality, attention to timbre of sounds and dynamic range. .


Ajani focuses on the music as his initial stimulant for creation. Exploring an integral correlation between the polyphonic rhythmic structures and movement.

Ajani’s aim for AG2 is to celebrate and integrate each company member’s abilities, whilst refining their musical awareness with textures and articulation.



Stefano’s focus is finding the Grand, Epic and Majestic character within your movement while further developing individual vocabulary and discipline.

He draws from his influences in Hip-Hop/Contemporary background as well as playing on the strengths of the artists in the room to create a unique collective piece.


Dani’s work is heavily focused on intrepid movement, performance intensity and honouring artistic integrity.

He reforms and restructures movement from many dance styles to create a unique and distinctive dance language.