In this ultra-visual work inspired by the film A Clockwork Orange a charismatic cast presents an abstract and stylish view of violence and anarchy. Working within a surreal setting, which includes giant hanging meat carcasses, the dancers explore the concepts of fear, power and morality. Driven by an emotive soundtrack and containing some arresting images this was a standout performance at Breakin Convention 2013.


Artistic Director: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon
Lighting Design: Antony Hately /Sara Gordon
Costume Design: Joshua Van Egdom
Animation: Henning M. Lederer
Dancers: Tony Adigun, Sara Gordon, Rhonda Humphrey, Jacque Price, Lisa Hood, Botis Seva, Ashton Sands, Saul Sebastian Aiden, Dayyaan Nordien, Daniel Mutton, Antoine Straughan, Corinne Holt, Dwaine White, Dani Walters Gutherie, LaMel Clarke, Nicole Mcdowall, L’atisse Rhoden, Kwame Lacious, Russell Royer


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Commissioned by Breakin Convention 10 Year Anniversary performed at Sadlers Wells April 2013