‘Breathtaking group choreography, beautifully handled by the cast’
Julia Carruthers (Director, Dublin Dance Festival)

About the Film 

A young searcher finds himself enticed by the murmurings that lie beyond closed doors. Peering through the keyhole our searcher soon finds himself swept into the whirlwind. A world of rehearsed speeches and practised sincerity. Where a luxurious life of fine dining and flamboyant excess conflicts with the repressed urge to move freely.  A polished palace that is ready to crack open into a rave of chaotic ecstasy. No longer in the shadows, our young searcher finds himself continuing his adventure into the world of Illegal Dance.

Illegal Dance explores a future where artistic expression is forbidden by oppressive regimes around the world. It combines dynamic contemporary choreography with innovative technical stagecraft to portray the tensions in a society that pits order against chaos, security against freedom, and individualism against collective will.

The Rule of Seven is an excerpt, the first instalment from Illegal Dance, the new multi-artform work from virtuoso choreographer Tony Adigun’s. Sharp movement and spectacular cinematography underpin a compelling story, exploring themes of family, society, power and agency.

The short film plays to a stunning original score of Hip-hop infused with contemporary classical sounds, topped with a dash of drum and bass. The delectable and infections score is composed by none other than James Grant, one half of the prolific producing powerhouse iLL BLU @iLLBLU who’s producing and remix credits include Stormzy, Sam Smith, MoStack, Headie One, IAMDDB & Tion Wayne.

Over the next three years, Avant Garde Dance will introduce new instalments featuring film, dance, theatre, immersive and digital. Visit www.illegaldance.com to journey deeper into the world of Illegal Dance


Production Credits

  • Director & Choreographer: Tony Adigun 
  • Artistic Collaborator: Sara Gordon
  • Producer & Assistant Director: Prince Laryea
  • Associate Producer: Jan Solberg
  • Rehearsal Director/Creative Assistant: Emma Stansall
  • Words: Maxwell Golden
  • Dramaturgical Advice: Peggy Olislaegers


  • Jarmaine Aldridge     
  • Sam Ford    
  • Aaron Nuttall    
  • Dani Harris-Walters
  • Stefano A. Addae    
  • Josh Smith    
  • Emma Farnell-Watson
  • Paris Crossley


  • Director of Photography: Jan Solberg
  • Production Designer: Katy Mason
  • Editor: Fiorella Santaniello  
  • Colourist: Chris Francis, Company 3
  • Costume Designer: Nancy Flaherty
  • Visual Effects & Online Edit: Dan Thompson 
  • Music Composer & Audio Effects: James Grant
  • Trinity Operator: Sebastien Joly
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Christopher J Orr 
  • Sound recordist: Matthew Senuik
  • Gaffer: Gavin Farlie
  • Spark: Tristan Hutchinson 
  • Set manager: Stella Kailides
  • On set assistant: Lily Laryea
  • Hair & MU Designer: Amelia Kildear
  • BTS: Josh Brady 
  • Trailer edit: Jonathan Joseph Hart
  • Trailer Visual Effects & Title: Zahoo Rali, Alto Grey
  • Artwork: Hamzah Kennedy Kalua, Alto Grey

Shoreditch Town Hall Team 

  • Production Manager: Sam Evans     
  • Technical Assistant: Maggie 
  • Venue Manager: James Pigeon


Supported by:

Arts Council England Dance East Shoreditch Town Hall